15 Creative Ways to Use Blackboard Paint

Blackboard Paint – Wouldn’t it be great to have a chalkboard anywhere? Kids could draw until their hearts were content and you could decorate areas in your home as much as you liked. Well the good news is, you can!

This handy article will teach you exactly how you can make those bold and chic statements in your home in a cost-effective way using blackboard paint, without feeling bad for scribbling on the walls and the cabinets! The chalkboard is making a huge comeback…and its applications are endless! Great for organising, easy home decor and just plain fun, blackboard paint gives you the freedom to write and draw just about anything you fancy.

At Maker Coating Online, we’ve cherry-picked some of our favourite chalkboard paint crafts for your enjoyment. Just look at all the ways you can use it!


1. Pimp your placemats

A coating of chalkboard paint on your placemats serves a fun way to indicate where guests should sit during a dinner party or festive meal.

2. Innovate to educate

Paint your children’s building blocks with chalkboard paint and enter a new of dimension of learning. Draw numbers, letter and pictures on the blocks as a nifty method of teaching.

3. Draw on the walls (without getting into trouble!)

A lick of chalkboard paint on the walls makes for great DIY wallpaper. Let your creative juices flow — and the best part is that you can wipe if off and draw something new whenever you want!

4. Make fun blackboard board games

For those times when boredom sets in, you can use blackboard paint to play games such as tic tac toe, squares, and — if you’re feeling really adventurous — why not draw out a huge snakes and ladders board? Hours of fun that can be erased straight afterwards!


5. Food (and drink) for thought

Whether you’re serving a cocktail and want your guests to know the ingredients, or you’re preparing a meal and want to let them know the treat that they’re in for, a splash of chalkboard paint on the serving trays can indicate this information in a fun, creative way. You’d definitely be the one to stand out during the next dinner party you host!

6. Label your plant pots

A coat of chalkboard paint can really spruce up a terracotta pot and provide a great way of labelling plants, herbs and vegetables.

7. Get fun with the fridge

For an easier way to keep track of your grocery list, and another place for the kid’s to express their creative sides freely, give an old fridge a chalkboard finish. This offers a chic look and a offers a great way to keep on top of to-do lists and reminders for the entire family.

8. Never miss an event again by saving the date!

Turn an office wall into a personal calendar with chalkboard paint and never miss a date again. Just wash off and reapply depending on the month.


9. Jazz up your jars

An application of blackboard paint can ensure that you have all your jars in order. Label rice, beans, pulses, pasta, coffee, tea and sugar, you’ll never forget where items should be stored, and they look great too!

10. Create a reuseable bunting banner

Be prepared for any festive occasion with reusable bunting — whether you are wishing a ‘merry Christmas’ or even just a ‘happy Monday’!

Top tip: invest in a range of coloured chalks to really bring out your creative side during the next special occasion.

11. Label your bowls

Adding a strip of blackboard paint to your bowls means that you can either write names on them or display artwork to customise them. A great way to stop children fighting over the best cereal bowl, they can colour them and make them personal!

12. Make personal and interesting gift tags

A personalised, chalkboard-painted gift tag is the perfect accompaniment to any gift. And it’s the gift that keeps on giving, as the receiver can wipe off the chalk and write a new message to the next person!

13. Impress your dinner guests with a chalkboard table runner

A simple yet surprisingly elegant dinner party idea, planning the layout of your dinner party or simple meal time with chalkboard paint is a fun way to get everybody involved. Write guests a welcome message or let them know what you’re serving them this evening — the possibilities are endless with a chalkboard table runner, match various cuisines with drinks and identify the best wine and cheese pairings!

14. Make handy label toppers

Paint the lids of your spices and never have to waste time rummaging through them looking for the right one again.

15. Dresser dreams

Upgrade your dresser cabinets with a lick of chalkboard paint and make getting dressed a piece of cake!

These are just a few of our favourite blackboard crafts, but there are many more out there to try out for yourself. We would love to hear some of your ideas and inventions.

We supply blackboard paint that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, and for industrial, commercial and recreational use. To find out more about how they can accommodate your specialist paint requirements, please do not hesitate to get in touch.