ZeroFlame Fire Retardant Paint


Product Description

Zeroflame Fire Retardant Paint is one of the most versatile fire protection coatings available. It will achieve Class 1 and Class 0 on timber surfaces and maintain Class 1 and Class 0 on non-combustible surfaces such as plaster walls.

Best uses

This product can be applied over sound existing coatings and can be over-coated with standard latex paints where a decorative finish is required.  Added to all this is a single-pack, waterborne product which is extremely simple to use.




Zeroflame fire retardant paint is a professional fire protection system for use on hardwood and other cellulose based surfaces. The protection properties will remain active for the lifetime of the substrate.

ZeroFlame Fire Retardant Paint Features

  • Class 1 and Class 0 protection achieved
  • Waterborne
  • Single pack system
  • Can be applied over sound existing coatings
  • Matt white finish
  • Can be over-coated with latex paint
  • Coverage rate 3.7m2/litre
  • Tested to BS476 Parts 6 &7

General Application

  • Apply this product using a brush, roller or spray
  • Do not mix with other solutions
  • Coats should be applied at intervals of 40-50 minutes

Additional information