All Rounder Paint Brush

All Rounder Brush



Product Description

All Rounder Paint Brush

  • Quality mix of natural and synthetic bristle for use with all paints and varnishes
  • Excellent paint loading for great coverage
  • Flagged filaments for smooth paint release and finish
  • Kaiser shaped handle for great control

Additional Information

All Rounder Brush is an all purpose paint and varnish paint brush to contractor standards.

All Rounder Paint brush for use with all kinds of paint and varnish.

Application: Simply apply paint to the brush and you’re set to go after you have prepared the surface appropriately.

Surface/Environment: All purpose paint and varnish brush is a multi purpose brush designed for use in all kinds of different environments and is available in different sizes to allow for various different uses.

Bristle Mix – 20% Natural and 80% Synthetic

Ferrule – Stainless Steel

Uses:   All Paints and Varnishes

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3″, 4″, 50mm(2″)

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