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Product Description

Mapei Dursilite Plus is a hygienic internal washable water-based wall paint designed to have low dirt pick up.

Mapei Dursilite Plus is a hygienic internal washable water-based wall paint designed to have low dirt pick up.

Best Uses

With an attractive velvety finish, this wall paint product has a low dirt retention capacity ideal for all types of new, old and painted internal surfaces. Ideal for well cured or cementitious, lime or gypsum render, as long as they are regular, well bonded and have no flaky or crumbly areas.

Dursilite is a antibacterial modified vinyl resin based washable matt paint in water dispersion with selected charges with good covering properties and white point for internal walls.

Application Examples:

• Painting all types of internal walls and new, well-cured or old cementitious, lime or gypsum-based render or skimming mortar, as long as they are well-adhered to the substrate and have no flaking or crumbling areas.

• Painting rooms in private homes such as bathrooms, kitchens, sitting rooms, bedrooms, corridors and basements or in public or industrial areas, stairwells, service rooms and garages.

• Painting old and new cementitious surfaces, including those already painted, such as the back walls of balconies, stair wells, pillars and ceilings below covered areas and internal flat roofs and parapets on terraces.

Dursilite Plus should be applied 12-24 hours after a base coat if applied. Can be applied using a roller, brush or spray – please refer to datasheets prior to use.

Technical Details

  • Coloured white as standard but available in various colours.
  • Can be diluted by 15-20% of water.
  • Can be stored for 24 months.
  • Wait for 24 hours between coats.
  • Dursilite Plus should be applied 12-24 hours after Dursilite Base Coat is applied.
  • Available in 5 and 20kg tubs.

When applied on internal surfaces, Dursilite Plus adheres perfectly to all types of masonry, render, smoothing and levelling compounds and old paintwork, as long as they are well attached and cohesive. Dursilite Plus protects the substrate and gives it a highly attractive, uniform matt finish which is smooth to the touch. Dursilite Plus contains an anti-mould agent.

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