Carbolastex Facade Cream


Product Description

Carbolastex WBI is a silane/siloxane impregnation offering outstanding waterproofing properties to masonry substrates. Being water based, Carbolastex WBI, is a solvent-free water proofer based on reactive silane/siloxane technology. The blend is designed to give excellent water repellency and waterproofing properties to building materials such as brickwork, concrete, natural stone and other porous substrates.

Colour:   Clear

Carbolastex Facade Cream is a high durability damp/waterproofing impregnation.

It is highly UV and weather stable and will provide damp/waterproofing protection for up to 10 years. When applied to a porous substrate, Carbolastex Facade Cream penetrates deep into the substrate. Once dried the product is virtually undetectable and remains stable within the substrate. There is no reduction in physical properties of the substrate when Carbolastex Facade Cream is applied, in particular the water vapour permeability. Carbolastex Facade Cream can be applied by brush or roller in a single application. Carbolastex Facade Cream especially suited to overhead application or where there is a large quantity of glass that would otherwise need to be masked off.

Range of use 

Hydrophobizing waterproofing impregnation for porous, cementitious building materials such as brick and clinker masonry work, fair-faced sand-lime brick masonry work, cementitious renders, fibrated cement, aerated concrete, light-weight concrete and modular concrete blocks, natural stone.


  • Effective protection against driving rain for up to 15 years before further application
  • Cream like consistency suitable for application with a brush or roller in a single application.
  • Helps prevent Efflorescence (leaching of salts)
  • A non-tacky finish with stain release effect
  • Zero VOC’s.
  • Once dried the product is clear and preserves the original appearance and character of the substrate.
  • Suitable for application in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Easily applied by conventional methods.
  • Non film-forming, allows water vapor to permeate from the underlying substrate.

Carbolastex Facade Cream is suitable for use on most mineral surfaces. It imparts waterproofing properties by being absorbed into the surface and should therefore not be used on highly dense non-porous substrates such as engineering bricks, glazed tiles etc. Any obvious cracks, voids, missing portions of the surface or defective joints must be made good prior to treatment otherwise rain penetration may subsequently occur at these points. Hairline cracks which are stable do not require any form of pretreatment.


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