Solar Reflective

Regardless of how well a building is insulated, surfaces still absorb thermal heat, but performance can be improved by Solar reflective paints at Maker Coating Online. These coatings are designed with specialist features to deflect sunlight and reduce heat build-up in roofs and internal spaces. This works by reducing heat transfer and decreasing thermal expansion, preventing leaks and improving the overall roof appearance. Ideal for protection against the effects of UV, heat aging and minimising surface temperatures. Our insulation paint collection is of premium quality and contains fantastic elements including water & weather resistance and after application, can even result in lower energy costs! Additionally, your general comfort levels can increase within the environment! Browse and buy heat reflective paint online today.

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  • Coo-Var W489 Solar Reflective Paint - Maker Coating £45.94

    Coo-Var W489 White Solar Reflective Paint

  • Rustoleum Dac Hydro Alu - Aluminium Roof Coating - Maker Coating £54.86£262.90

    Rustoleum Dac Hydro Alu – Aluminium Roof Coating