Mould Resistant Paints

Nobody likes the thought of condensation, damp or mould areas in a room, at Maker Coating, we’re your solution! Home to specialist paints and coatings for anti-mould and damp-proof purposes, our high-performance and quality products produce a tough, durable finish and are perfect for use on humid & general interior areas including cellars, breweries and wet rooms. The properties within our mould-resistant paint range mean that you can wave goodbye to damp problems and provide ultimate protection to your chosen surfaces. Damp & mould problems are common within commercial and domestic buildings, so we offer multi-purpose and anti-condensation coatings to prevent steam vapour damage. Browse our selection of mould and damp resistant paints and purchase online today!

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  • Rustoleum Anti-Condensation Coating - Maker Coatings £96.36£376.50

    Rustoleum Anti-Condensation Coating

  • Rustoleum Mathys Durbocem - Maker Coatings £12.13£112.30

    Rustoleum Mathys Durbocem Paint