Fluorescent Paint

For rich, bright and long-lasting UV glow, shop our extensive range of coloured fluorescent paints at Maker Coating. These specialist products are highly visible and ideal for use on fishing floats, ships, bridges, bicycles, doorway exits and much more. Whether you’d like to use glow paint coatings for safety hazard purposes or you’d like to get visible in a creative way – our product selection is perfect for a range of purposes. In addition to fluorescent paint, we additionally offer foundation base and protective coating topcoats so that you can make the most of your project and gain optimum coverage with the very best appearance. To prepare for your project, ensure surfaces are clean and dry.

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  • Coo-Var Glocote Fluorescent Paint £40.10£152.55

    Coo-Var Glocote Fluorescent Paint

  • Coo-Var Glocote Protective Coating £0.00£82.64

    Coo-Var Glocote Foundation Base

  • Coo-Var Glocote Protective Coating £26.73£82.64

    Coo-Var Glocote Protective Coating

  • Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoat £11.85

    Rustoleum Fluorescent Topcoat