Roof Coatings & Paints

Our selection of roof coatings and paints have been specially developed for the protection, restoration and decoration of your roof surface. From fillcoat fibres to metal cladding paint, the specialist features of our products ensure that your pitched and flat roofs can remain protected from acid rain and temperatures to ensure long-lasting, high performance. Whether you’re looking to avoid a roof leak or provide a single component liquid coating to your surface for anti-shatter purposes, we’ve gathered a range of excellent products that perform against resistance to atmospheric pollution and even UV rays. Available in a range of colour choices, your roofing systems will highly benefit from these products. At Maker Coating Online, we understand that taking on large projects alone can be daunting, which is why we offer the best products and technical advice to help you get the task done productively. Contact us today for more information regarding our roof coatings.

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  • Acrypol Plus Roof Coating - Maker Coating Online £56.22£223.29

    Acrypol Plus Roof Coating

  • Rustoleum Dac Hydro Alu - Aluminium Roof Coating - Maker Coating £54.86£262.90

    Rustoleum Dac Hydro Alu – Aluminium Roof Coating

  • Rustoleum Dacfill Waterproofing Membrane - Maker Coatings £8.20£177.48

    Rustoleum Dacfill Waterproofing Membrane

  • Rustoleum Fillcoat Fibres Mathys £9.85£179.31

    Rustoleum Fillcoat Fibres – Waterproofing Protection

  • Rustoleum Mathys Dac Hydro Plus - Maker Coatings £126.67

    Rustoleum Mathys Dac Hydro Plus

  • Rustoleum Mathys Fillcoat £9.45£174.43

    Rustoleum Mathys Fillcoat – Waterproofing

  • Rustoleum Noxyde Antu Corrosion Metal Paint - Maker Coating £8.94£179.35

    Rustoleum Noxyde Metal Cladding Roof Paint