Passive Fire Prevention Paint

When it comes to fire control for commercial and domestic properties, fire resistant paint can be the difference between people surviving a fire or not making it out in time. This may be a harsh truth, but it’s the reason that we make fire protection simplified. At Maker Coating Online, we stock a specialist range of fire resistant paints that are specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures – meeting the needs of a range of customers within particular industries. Fire resistant paints work to reduce the combustibility of timber and slow the rate of flame spread. Whether you’re looking to provide fire resistance to wood, fibre boards, concrete, metal or brickwork – we stock & distribute a range of intumescent paints for a variety of purposes; if you’re unsure of the specific product you require, give our technical team a call, we’re industry experts and aim to provide the very best products to suit your task.

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  • Arbo Sealants AR240 Fire Rated Foam - Maker Coatings £14.85

    Arbo AR240 Fire Rated Foam

  • Arbosil 1071 - Fire Resisting Silicone Sealant - Maker Coatings £6.93

    Arbosil 1071 – Fire Resisting Silicone Sealant

  • steelguard 581 fire protection - Maker Coating Online £195.75

    Steelguard 581 – Fire Protection For Steel Surfaces

  • zeroflame fire retardant paint - Maker Coatings £103.90

    ZeroFlame Fire Retardant Paint