Roofing and Cladding

Weathered surfaces like roofs are prone to erosion and at Maker Coating, we offer a specialist collection of roof paints & primers at Maker Coating Online, including a solar reflective category. The importance of great, long-lasting products is important to us as suppliers and you as customers, which is why we aim to provide the very best fixation products for your roofing task. When it comes to cladding, our easy application coatings are designed to prevent the absorption of waterborne paints on porous substrates. Stocking the most trusted brands like Mathys, our products are available in a range of tones and colours, offering excellent adhesion for a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. For further information regarding our roof paints and cladding range, contact a member of our team who will be happy to give you advice on products.

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  • Rustoleum Dacfill Reinforcement Fleece £124.57£469.65

    Rustoleum Dacfill Reinforcement Fleece

  • Rustoleum Mathys Primer 44 HS £11.41£46.49

    Rustoleum Mathys Primer 44 HS

  • Rustoleum Parafix Primer - Maker Coatings £28.72£113.58

    Rustoleum Parafix Primer

  • Rustoleum Pegalink Universal Adhesion Primer Maker Coating £20.41£54.86

    Rustoleum Pegalink Universal Adhesion Primer

  • ViterFloor 276 - Maker Coating Online £109.33

    ViterFloor 1105 Acrylic Sealer