Patio Sealant

Patios, driveways and pavements are prone to dirt, stains, oil, cracks and general decline due to wear and tear. At Maker Coating Online, we hold solutions including patio cleaning products to remove algae and mildew and patio sealants to ensure that weather damage is prevented, grease, oil and dirt is resisted and that coverage is clear to make your block pavings shine and provide durability with a quick-drying, natural finish. Whether you’re looking to spruce up an old garden patio or clean up and refresh your bumpy driveway, our products are waterproof and resist motor oil.

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  • Rustins Patio Cleaner - Maker Coatings £7.88

    Rustins Patio Cleaner

  • Rustins Patio Sealer - Maker Coatings £16.79

    Rustins Patio Sealer