Hygiene / Antibacterial Coatings

All environments benefit from a durable and decorative finish, however certain spaces require a specific level of hygiene and anti-bacterial protection. At Maker Coating Online, we provide a quality range of hygienic paints, coatings and cleaners for use within hospitals, dentist and doctor surgeries to keep a high-level of public health & prevention of germs spreading. These hygienic coatings are designed and formulated to be fast-drying, easy to clean and protect against mild chemical exposure, offering overall decorative maintenance with germ-free features. As industry specialists in high-quality paints, we ensure that we stock the optimum anti-bacterial paints for healthcare facilities, nursing homes, breweries, kitchens and schools. Browse our range and purchase online today to get your project started!

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  • Rustoleum Antibacterial Hygiene Pain £92.68£364.35

    Rustoleum Antibacterial Hygiene Paint 8300

  • Rustoleum Biosan Aqua Topcoat £68.68£82.64

    Rustoleum Biosan Aqua Hygienic Topcoat

  • Rustoleum Biosan Aqua Plus £113.03

    Rustoleum Biosan Aqua Plus Hygienic Topcoat

  • Rustoleum Hygienic Cleaner FK111 £44.01

    Rustoleum Hygienic Cleaner FK111