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Use floor primers before applying paint to achieve the best foundations for a long-lasting, high-quality finish. At Maker Coating Online, you can select the perfect floor primer, sealer or joint filler to start your projects with maximum quality. Our products promise complete adhesion and vast coverage, by choosing a primer, you will achieve a smooth appearance and avoid contaminants such as damp & oil as well as sealing the surface, preparing for the next stage on a range of flooring surfaces including industrial and warehouse floors. Our products are specially formulated to make your floor project successful. Browse our range and contact us for additional information regarding these products.

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  • 163 Omnisol Primer - Maker Coating Online £22.30£72.76

    163 Omnisol Primer

  • ParexLanko 165 Proliprim Maker Coating £27.56£90.82

    165 Proliprim Universel

  • Parex Acrylic Sealer - Maker Coating £44.10£181.24

    Acrylic Sealer

  • rustins gap and joint filler - Maker Coatings £10.00

    Rustins Floorboard Gap & Joint Filler

  • Rustins Patio Sealer - Maker Coatings £16.79

    Rustins Patio Sealer

  • Rustoleum Mathys 3333 Super Adhesive Floor Primer - Maker Coating Devon £30.31£124.44

    Rustoleum Mathys 3333 Super Adhesive Floor Primer

  • ViterFloor 276 - Maker Coating Online £27.20

    Spencer Coatings Viterfloor Acid Etch – Clear Solution

  • ViterFloor 276 - Maker Coating Online £109.33

    ViterFloor 1105 Acrylic Sealer

  • ViterFloor 400 Primer- Maker Coating £49.95£177.66

    ViterFloor 400