Industrial Floor Paint

When it comes to industrial decorating, you need products that are hard-wearing, lost-lasting, durable and provide complete, smooth coverage. We provide floor paint that is available in an extensive range of colours & specially formulated for the most industrialised environments, with these specialist features, your floor project will be wear resistant, overall appearance will improve and sufficient strength will be gained to the floor surface. Our products are non-slip for health and safety, as well as being anti-corrosive. At Maker Coating Online, our aim is to provide you with an all-in-one product that is designed to last. If you’re seeking surface tolerant, abrasion resistant industrial floor paint – look no further; we’re experts in quality products and aim to provide only the best.

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  • Remmers Concrete and Screed Strengthener £47.16

    Remmers Concrete and Screed Strengthener

  • £29.20

    Remmers Crete TF

  • Sigma Sigmadur 550H Twin Pack High Build Polyurethane Coating Maker Coating £49.49£55.19

    Sigmacover 400 (Amerlock 400) – Epoxy Coating

  • spencer-coatings £48.56

    Spencer Coatings ViterFloor – Line Marking Paint

  • spencer-coatings £63.15

    Spencer Coatings ViterShield GPL – Epoxy Finish

  • ViteFloor 276 Polyurethane Floor Paint - Maker Coating £44.91

    ViterFloor 276 Polyurethane Floor Paint

  • ViterFloor 300 Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating - Maker Coating £44.10£159.95

    ViterFloor 300 – Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating

  • ViterFloor 400 - Maker Coating £49.95£177.66

    ViterFloor 400