Cladding Coatings

Steel roofs and other surfaces may reach a point where re-coating is necessary to preserve performance, when colouring begins to fade or delaminate, your solution is cladding paint at Maker Coating Online! Formulated to extend the lifespan of a covering and improve weathered appearances, our products are specifically designed for metal roof care, providing a high-quality finish with premium protection. This cost-effective solution, allows you to touch up, refresh and rejuvenate your metal surfaces by improving the appearance and life expectancy. We stock high-performance cladding paint for a variety of application uses. You can choose from an extensive range of colours and tones, if assistance is required with this, please contact us today.

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  • Rustoleum Metal Cladding Topcoat - Maker Coating £130.82

    Rustoleum Metal Cladding Topcoat

  • spencer-coatings £106.96

    Spencer Coatings ProtegaClad 50 & 50

  • spencer-coatings £81.32

    Spencer Coatings Protegaclad Bonding Coat