Your Guide To Using Industrial Paint

Industrial paints and coatings are commonly used for the long-term protection of a variety of substrates. As well as offering dense durability, they additionally beautify the work of architectural structures, automotive parts, the boating, marine, medical, schooling industries and much more. Here is the Maker Industrial Paint Guide

As a specialist type of paint, industrial coatings are renowned for their endurance according to the specific environment. At Maker Coating Online, we stock an extensive range of coatings for a range of key markets. Whether you’re seeking anti-corrosion or fire-resistance, our product range provides you with a solution. Use our Industrial Paint Guide below to help you.

Here, we describe the range of coatings and exactly what they’re used for. Before starting the painting process, surface preparation is essential. Whether you’re looking to repair, seal, or prime a surface, you’ll need to begin with a clean substrate. The most common actions of surface preparation are as follows; cleaning and degreasing, stripping and applying repair mortar. For further information on paint project preparation, please click here.

a guide to industrial paint infographic


Primer is applied to the previously prepared substrate to provide corrosion inhibition and good adhesion to subsequent coats. Primers generally contain corrosion properties and resistance to weathering as the first step. Acting as the go between for the surface and the subsequent paint coverage, the primer will provide the right texture for maximum adhesion.

Intermediate coatings

Intermediate paints act as a build up to the thickness of the system, enhancing the overall protection to the substrate . Intermediate coats are designed to reduce moisture permeability.

Top coatings

Sealants and topcoats provide the first line of defence from environmental exposure. As well as this, they beautify and refresh the appearance of the substrate, adding additional protection in a gloss format to resist moisture and provide full coverage.

Solve Your Problem With Maker Coating’s Industrial Paints

At Maker Coating Online, we are a leading UK manufacturer of industrial paints and specialist coatings. We are dedicated to offering ideal solutions for your project with the very best paints, coatings, primers, sealers and repair mortars to ensure high quality finish and durable protection.

We have additional industrial paints available including the following:

  • Anti-corrosive
  • Heat-resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Water-repellent
  • Interior and exterior

If you require assistance with an industrial painting project, at Maker Coating Online we are experts in providing professional coating solutions with the optimum products. Please contact us if you require further information and we’d be happy to help.