Damp and Waterproofing a Property

Are you looking for a solution to damp in a clients property or maybe your home or business suffer from damp?

Driving rain can be one of the main causes of damp to a property. Especially where the stone is porous or the pointing needs attention. There is a solution to this.

Summer is the perfect time of year to be considering damp/waterproofing buildings. It always amazes us how many people contact us during the winter months asking us for solutions to their damp problems in a property.

Winter is not a great time to be waterproofing external buildings as naturally there aren’t many dry periods to allow suitors to dry. The ideal time is when the sun is shining so that the waterproofing solution has time to cure making is most effective.

At Maker Coatings Online we stock a number of different options to help:

Facade Cream – Carbolastex Facade Cream is a high durability damp/waterproofing impregnation.

This is a cream that is applied to the outside of masonry. Its easy to apply using standard painting techniques and tools. You just need to ensure that you will have time for it to cure before wet weather hits.

Once dried the product is virtually undetectable and remains stable within the substrate. There is no reduction in physical properties of the substrate when Carbolastex Facade Cream is applied, in particular the water vapour permeability. Carbolastex Facade Cream can be applied by brush or roller in a single application. Carbolastex Facade Cream especially suited to overhead application or where there is a large quantity of glass that would otherwise need to be masked off.

It is available to buy online now