Timberex wood finishing oils are renowned for their highly durable features. The treatments are specifically for use on wooden floors, decking, furniture, worktops and other wooden surfaces. The qualities of each Timberex product work by sinking deeply into the surface, therefore, the range offered here at Maker Coating is ideal for sports halls, offices, airports, conference centres and other space that endure large volumes of people. Offering products such as the popular hard wax oil and satin oil, we are proud to offer our customers a valuable brand that promises superior wood treatment and wonderful appearance of your surfaces. For additional information regarding the Timberex wood finishing oils range, please get in touch with a member of our technical team.

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  • Timberex Bio-C Cleaner £10.93£17.62

    Timberex Bio-C Cleaner

  • Timberex Gold Satin Oil £28.87£98.15

    Timberex Gold Satin Oil

  • timberex hard wax oil £23.08£80.21

    Timberex Hard Wax Oil – Matt & Satin Finish

  • Timberex Heavy Duty UV Floor Coating £21.87£72.92

    Timberex Heavy Duty UV Floor Coating

  • Timberex Wood Finishing Oil £22.18£80.21

    Timberex Interior Wood Finishing Oil

  • Timberex Natural Wood Finishing Oil £20.65£64.12

    Timberex Natural Wood Finishing Oil

  • Timberex Wax Oil £24.30£86.60

    Timberex Wax Oil